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Giving Back

Current non-profit: Labour Behind the Label

 10% of proceeds from Clutterfly are sent to Labour Behind the Label, a UK based non-profit fighting against the unethical conditions in garment factories.

The majority of the clothing I collect, which is turned into the products you see in the shop, were once worn and discarded by Americans, yet originated overseas in countries including Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, and Turkey. The clothing we buy today from most major brands are made in regions where workers have less rights protecting them from exploitation in unsafe conditions. Human rights violated by the fashion industry include deadly (!) working conditions, not limited to child labor, incredibly low wages and very little time off. An undercover investigation of the notorious Shein, reported workers being paid as little as four cents per item sewn, working all but one day a month, and 18 hour days. Tragically, numerous garment factories have collapsed in the past decades, killing thousands. This is just a glimpse at the horrors which garment workers face, and the environmental repercussions of this industry are just as stark. 

THANK YOU for supporting my shop, in turn your purchase helps work towards improving the garment industry and the lives of garment workers! 

To read more about the organization : Labour Behind the Label

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